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You Have Questions? God Has Answers!

You have questions—the Bible has answers! And we want to share them with you! We have articles about what God expects people to do in everyday situations.

An acronym one often sees or hears is WWJD, standing for “What Would Jesus Do?” Sometimes, a better question is, “What did Jesus do?” in a given situation. Both are answered in God’s Word.

Finding clarity

We explain the meaning of Bible verses that do not seem clear to most people. God gave us the Bible as a guide to life; but for many reasons, the meanings of certain sections of Scripture are not immediately clear. Sometimes that is due to translation issues; sometimes confusion comes from not knowing the historical background; sometimes you have been told the Bible says something that it truly does not say!

We clear those issues up for you. Yet we do not interpret the Bible. We believe it interprets itself. Even so, we recognize that special help is necessary at times. It might be as simple as showing people what verses link with others on the same topic to give a fuller picture. We are here to provide that service for you.

Check it out

As you will see from reading our articles, we document what we write with Scripture, so that you can prove the subject from your personal Bible. In fact, we encourage you to do so; do not take anyone’s word for the meaning of Scripture at face value.

Welcome to our Bible Questions & Answers library!



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