Why: Probing the Meaning Behind Bible Questions

God created us to wonder and ponder the meaning of what we read and experience. He wants us to ask “why” and to search His Bible for understanding.

Understanding why is one of the most profound human needs. Too much in life seems pointless and meaningless, but we yearn to understand. Thankfully God has given us answers to many of the deepest mysteries in the Bible, but they are not always easy to uncover. We must probe and dig and plumb the depths, seeking God’s help to really grasp the answers to our “why” questions.

When a “why” question comes to your mind as you study the Bible, you can explore this section and search our website for the answer. If you don’t find your answer here, consider using our Contact form to request a personal response. Providing answers to your Bible questions is important to us. Your questions may also help many others, as we may include the information on the website. Why not give it a try?

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