When: Understanding the Biblical Time Factor

Our time is our life. We naturally seek to understand when things happened or will happen. So “when” is a natural way to begin a question about the Bible.

God lives in eternity—He is not controlled by time. Since He created time, He understands our temporal nature. He also understands our desire to understand when things happened, as well as how they fit into the timeline of history and our lives.

The Bible begins “in the beginning” and ends on the threshold of eternity. In between comes a fascinating sequence of historical and prophetic events. Wanting to know the “when” of biblical events is both natural and necessary.

When you find a “when” question in your study of Scripture, come to this section and explore our website using the search function for an immediate answer to your question. But if you don’t find your question here, you can use our Contact form to request a personal response. Answering your Bible questions is important to us, and we want to help whenever we can. Your question may also help many others, as we may include the information on the website.

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