What: What Do You Want to Know About the Bible?

What happened? What should we do? What does it mean? The Bible is a fascinating book that requires deep study and asking many “what” questions.

What would we do if we couldn’t ask, “What … ?” We use “what” to find out what happened, to determine what we should do, to try to understand what something means.

The Bible gives us many opportunities to ask “what” questions. We can use these questions to explore the different cultures, languages, events and rules that may be unfamiliar to us in the modern world. Seeking to understand the biblical context is a vital key to understanding what God is saying to us today.

Whatever “what” questions you have while studying the Bible, we hope this section will be a help to you. You can also search our website for the answers you need. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, feel free to use our Contact form to send them to us for a personal response. Answering your Bible questions is important to us. Your questions may also help many others, as we may include the information on the website.

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